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How exactly does one go about penning a fantastic post, be it on the subject of real estate, building, or making improvements to one’s house, or any other subject for that matter? When you are writing, you need to be sure to keep the following points in mind:
1. The information you provide should be original and must not have been published in any other location.
2. The minimum number of words that must be included in the article is 600. More than two thousand words are suggested as the length of the article. The maximum allowed length is 1000 words.
3. You need to decide on a subject that is both universal in scope and appeals to a large number of people. It would unquestionably be to your benefit to provide evidence for your viewpoint in the form of statistics and specific examples. To optimize the post for search engines like Google and Bing, include relevant keywords, headers, and subheadings.
4. You have the option of including in the write-up links to both other publications and your website. They shouldn’t look like they were shoved in; rather, they should look like they belong there naturally.
5. Links that are either spam or of low quality will not be approved.
6. On our website, our visitors can review the quality of the published articles and posts. As a result, check to see that the content you provide is of a sufficient standard.
7. Before submitting the information, please check that it contains good grammar and spelling.
8. You are required to include photographs in your post, and they should be in jpeg format. The resolution that is recommended is 1200 pixels wide by 675 pixels high. The photographs must be original and should not be subject to any copyright restrictions to be used.
9. Be sure to include the URLs of your links within the article.
10. Include the author’s name, a condensed introduction, and an email address where they may be reached.
11. The article that has been submitted may be rejected without any explanation being given. Additionally, published articles may be withdrawn in the same manner.
12. Once we have submitted the piece, it will become our property, and we will have the right to change it to better suit the preferences of our readers.
13. After reviewing your work, we will make a judgment on whether or not to publish it within three days of the day it was submitted.
14. Your submission must only be made in the docx (Microsoft Word) or odt (LibreOffice Writer) file format. Please include a separate attachment for the high-resolution picture files.
15. Once the topic has been accepted, submit your material within a week so that it may be considered for publication. This will increase the likelihood that your article will be published.

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